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Sheepshead fish with human teeth

 Archosargus probatocephalus                                 Photo Claire Sunquist ©

Sheepshead fish have strange human-like front teeth which they use to scrape barnacles from rocks and pilings. They also have rounded grinding teeth inside their mouth for crushing mollusks, crabs, and oysters.

They have distinctive black and silvery stripes on their body which is part of the reason why they are also sometimes called convict fish or zebra fish.

Sheepshead fish whole convict fish

                                                                            Photo Claire Sunquist ©

Sheepshead are usually found near shore where there is some structure like rocks, pilings, jetties, or bridges. Anywhere you can find oysters and barnacles is usually a good place to find these fish.

Sheepshead are easiest to catch in winter when they come inshore to breed - you will need a small hook and fast reflexes to catch these fish! They are notorious for stealing your bait but when you do catch one of these fish, it is worth the effort. While they usually weigh less than 5 pounds, but occasionally adults can get up to 20 pounds.



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