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About us


About WildFlorida.com

For those who want to explore more than Disney and the beaches, this site will guide you through Florida’s extraordinary wildlife and natural places.

With links, addresses and phone numbers, the site has all the information you need to find, identify, and learn about the state’s plants and wildlife, as well as an insider’s view of the best places to visit. We also have suggestions for unique things to do such as going on a turtle walk, riding a tube down a spring run, or searching for fossils.

We are constantly adding and updating, so check back often.

About us

John King has lived in Florida since 1959. He lives on a lake and is a recent convert to wildlife and ecotravel. He has three 3 daughters so he understands wildlife.

Claire Sunquist is a recent graduate of the Interdisciplinary Ecology masters program at the University of Florida with a focus in Family Youth and Community Sciences. She is involved with the Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society and the Society of Conservation Biology at the university and enjoys spending most of her free time outside. She loves hiking, fishing, and bird-watching and hopes to have a boat of her own one-day so that she can thoroughly explore Florida’s backwaters and remote islands.

Fiona Sunquist is a biologist and a science writer. She has written many books and articles on wildlife and is the senior author of Florida: the Ecotravellers’ wildlife guide. She spends her free time exploring ‘Wild Florida’ and is constantly amazed at the extraordinary places and variety of wildlife you encounter when you take a detour off Florida’s freeways. She lives in North Florida where she feels extremely lucky to have lemon trees, armadillos, tortoises, corn snakes and tree frogs in her garden.


Contact Us

We would like to hear from you on the information we have compiled.  Please e-mail us at     mail  AT   wildflorida  DOT  com

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the web site.

The text and images on this website are copyrighted works – please contact us for permission and rates to reproduce photographs.



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