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Scaled Sardine

Scaled Sardine Greenback White bait fish Florida

Harengula jaguana                                              Photo Claire Sunquist ©

Scaled Sardines are one species of fish commonly referred to as "white bait" by Florida anglers. These small, densely schooling fish are often netted or caught on very small hooks called sabikis. Scaled sardines can be distinguished from other sardines by their deep, strongly keeled belly. Some people call them razor bellies and others identify them by the greenish color of their backs. They usually have a small spot right behind their gill plate.

Greenback Scaled Sardine Florida fishing white bait

                                                                              Photo Claire Sunquist ©

Scaled Sardines feed on plankton and crustaceans in the water and are usually found schooling inshore or offshore. They are a favorite bair for anglers because they can be caught easily and stay alive for long periods of time in bait wells. Sardines are most often used for snook bait but are also effective for grouper, tarpon, kingfish, and tuna.





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