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Tides in Florida

Hagens Cove near Steinhatchee

                                                                              Photo Fiona Sunquist ©

In Florida, whether you are fishing, bird watching, or just visiting the beach, it is always important to know the state of the tide.

For birdwatchers, the tide can mean the difference between seeing lots of birds and seeing none. Low tide is the best time to see most wading birds because their prime feeding sites are exposed. For photographers, the best photo opportunities are usually when the lowest tide coincides with early morning or late afternoon. This is particularly true on Sanibel Island and Cedar Key.

At other sites a high tide can concentrate birds. Gulls and terns sometimes gather in tight groups when the incoming tide turns a once wide sandbar into a tiny island.

Most fishermen won’t even consider a fishing trip without consulting the tide tables. Some of Florida’s best fishing opportunities are found in the highly productive marshes and estuaries along the coast. In these shallow waters, tides can make all the difference between getting stuck in the mud and getting to your fishing spot.

Fishermen think fish are more likely to bite when the tides are moving rapidly. Crustaceans and small baitfish move into shallow water with the rising tide and many fish species follow this migration of their food. Redfish and flounder swim up into the grass to feed when tides are highest. When the tides start to fall, fish sense the shift and move through small channels out into deeper water.

Check out this website for all the tides around Florida.




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